A delectably diverse blend of natural raspberry and strawberry flavors, Rasta Berry, will have you daydreaming of tropical islands and your next day off!

1.5-liter kit

  • 13.9% ABV
  • 50 Servings
  • Includes 50 cups and lids

Rasta Berry – Gel Shot Kit


Rasta Berry – Gel Shot Kit

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Get your party started with our pre-made jello shots! Made with our own Voschka wine-based vodka, Gel Shots can be sold with your beer and wine license.

Gel Shots are ready to chill and serve and contain 13.9% alcohol by volume. Available in 1.5-liter kits and 4-liter bottles.

These pre-made jello shots are ready to be poured, chilled, and served in just 30 minutes. Our unique Gel Shot recipe uses our vodka-flavored wine, Toddy Blends Voschka, and blended with natural fruit flavors for the perfect Gel Shot.

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