Our Family

Welcome to our world of Toddy Inc. where family comes first and laughter keeps us sane.  Our business and family would not be able to co-exist both at work and at home, around each other all of the time, without a sense of humor.

Faith, Family, and Love – sounds corny but true.  This is definitely the basis of our family being able to work together on a daily basis and overcome all the regular struggles of daily life.  Juggling children, grandchildren, family in general, plus the world and its craziness in particular, everyone has to chip in and help one another whether it is in the business, outside interests, health situations or just to make time to have a family dinner together.

Creativity is the ticket to understanding our family and business, Toddy Inc. (which includes Toddy Blends, Toddy Oaks and Toddy Daiquiri Drive Thru).  While it is not easy to define all of the roles our family plays in our business because so many roles tend to overlap when we cover for each other in a bind, this is an effort to introduce everyone in some sort of rhyme or reason.  Everyone uses their God-given creative talents to make Toddy into a successful company

Coming from a family of Business Entrepreneurs, Channing Wood is the Patriarch of the family and all of the kids would laugh at this title because no one is ever allowed to take themselves seriously.  He’s one of those special people who has never met a stranger (he’ll definitely go out of his way to make you feel at home no matter who you are). He works his magic behind the scenes and definitely strives to make sure all of us know when we do well and when we have a “teachable moment” when we need to learn how to do something better.  In the hotel, bar and restaurant business since his teens, he has managed and owned restaurants and clubs all over the United States since his early twenties. He developed Toddy Inc. from the ground up: one of our first business locations was downtown Houston in the warehouse district, working in a very old building. As a family who loves animals and tends to rescue many, we became regular visitors to Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Center because we rescued so many pigeons and their babies from the attic of this old building.  Pamela Taylor-Wood, (or me, his wife), is best defined as a fine artist, photographer, and animal rescuer, who loves her family and is fully invested in the business in many ways, including the design and artwork chosen to represent our business to the public. In my past, I’ve lived in China, England, and Indonesia and graduated late in life from Houston Baptist University with two majors in Fine Art and English with a special certification in Special Studies of the United States Wars in Asia. Both Channing and I are native Houstonians and are very proud of our Texas roots.  That is one of the reasons we chose to include our location of Katy, Texas, in the design of our Toddy Oaks logo. 

Our oldest daughter, Alyssa, and Ruben, her husband, have blessed us with two fantastically talented (not biased, are we?) grandchildren, Lily, 8 and Isaac, 4.  Don’t be surprised if they introduce themselves to you and thank you for your business when you come to Toddy Oaks! They don’t know the meaning of the word shy.  Lily is involved in choir, softball, and theater. Isaac is involved in anything he can get his hands on and tends to hop and run, not walk, anywhere! He’s our non-stop whirlwind who is obsessed with trains and Buzz Lightyear!  Alyssa graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice from Sam Houston State University and handles all our accounting, banking and human resources. Ruben manages sales, deliveries, the Grand Oak Bar, Toddy Running Club, and both Ruben and Alyssa handle anything else that needs to be handled!  Both are very involved in their children’s PTL and volunteer at our church. Ruben has run and won awards in many marathons (including Houston, Chicago and Washington D.C.) and Alyssa and Lily have been joining him recently in training and various runs.  

Channing III, our youngest, not only does sales, but he’s been running and managing our bottling facility, along with developing our many alcohol, cocktail and beer recipes.  He’s never met a sport he hasn’t liked and is a huge fan of the Astros, Rockets, and Texans. He’s been trained in the Culinary Arts and has worked for several fine restaurants.  As soon as he’s finished his work for the day, he’s off to the Gym to work out or join in an impromptu game of basketball. 

Lauren Ochoa, Ruben’s sister, is not only our customer service representative, but is also responsible for marketing and design.  She loves music so much that she’s worked as an event marketing intern on the side. She updated events for music promoters, posted announcements and occasionally assisted artists and worked the door.  In her spare time, she works out and takes college courses.

We expect a lot from our family and employees, but we also give a lot in return.  One of our main goals at Toddy is to try to treat everyone who works for us, and those we do work for, as well as we would the members of our own family.  We look forward to serving you and treating you in a manner that makes you feel comfortable and relaxed, as special as family.    

The possibilities are endless at Toddy Oaks!

Toddy Oaks is truly a unique event venue with so many different settings and rooms to choose from, along with the beautiful ambience of our surroundings framed by our gorgeous Grand Oak Tree.  Please contact us for further information and private tours. Toddy Oaks looks forward to helping you host your special event!

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