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Retail Store Solutions for Daiquiris

Long Island Daiquiris

Chemical X
Long Island Hurricane

Arnold Palmer
Long Island Lemonade

Peach Tea
Long Island Peach

Strawberry Daiquiris

Pink Panther
Strawberry - Watermelon

Life is Peachy
Strawberry - Peach - Raspberry

Fruity Pebble
Strawberry - Mango - Kiwi

White Russian Daiquiris

White Russian - Chocolate

Cookies & Cream
White Russian - Oreo Cookies

White Russian - Butterfingers

Hurricane Daiquiris

Code Red
Hurricane - Strawberry

Tropic Thunder
Hurricane - Pina Colada

Swamp Water
Hurricane - Green Apple

Margarita Daiquiris

Circus Circus
Margarita Gold - Cotton Candy

Candy Land
Margarita Gold - Blue Hawaiian

Cherry Limeaid
Margarita Gold - Cherry

Pina Colada Daiquiris

Blue Lagoon
Pina Colada - Blue Hawaiian

Pina Colada - Dreamsicle

Miami Vice
Pina Colada - Strawberry - Mango - Peach

Island Daiquiris

Crazy 8s
High Octane - Sex on the Beach

Jolly Rancher
Mango Watermelon Green Apple


Mean Green

High Octane

Sex on the Beach

Mai Tai

Electric Lemonade

Gel Shots

Fuzzy Kwango
Sour Apple
Kinky Key Lime

Duke’s Big Kahuna Daiquiris TO GO are pre-mixed including 14% alcohol by volume and packaged in our 5 Gallon(19L) Bag-n-Box or 4 Liter jugs which ensures no cross-contamination and meets food safety requirements.

20% more profit than a pour-over frozen beverage thanks to nitrogen expansion


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Hypnosis - Premixed Hypnotic

Popular New Orleans Recipe

H.O. - Premixed High Octane

Popular Bourbon St. Recipe

Mean Green - Premixed Incredible Hulk

Popular Big Easy Recipe

Cat-5 Hurricane - Premixed Hurricane

Mix with Islander Isced Tea to make "Chemical X"

Pina Bahama - Premixed Pina Colada

Add our Premium Peach Mix to make it Caribbean

Voschka Lemonade - Premixed Vodka Lemonade

Mix with Islander Iced Tea to make an "Arnold Palmer"

Strawberry - Premixed Strawberry Daiquiri

Add our strawberry mix to make a "Pink Panther"

Arctic White Russian - Premixed White Russian

Add our Strawberry Mix and Chocolate Syrup to make "Chocolate Covered Strawberry"

Islander Iced Tea - Premixed Long Island Iced Tea

Add our Peach Mix to make "Peach Tea"

Toddy Rita - Premixed Margarita

Popular Bourbon St. Recipe

Base - Unflavored Frozen Daiquiri Base

Combine with our premium mixes to make Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Hurricane, Vodka Lemonade, and many more.