Duke's Big Kahuna Daiquiris

Delicious frozen daiquiris... to-go!

Come experience our Drive-Thru Daiquiri for all of your party needs without leaving the comfort of your car (all served in closed containers, of course)! We have a full range of classic frozen daiquiris and cocktails on the rocks alongside a completely customizable menu.

Drive Thru Hours

Monday – Thursday
3pm – 9pm

3pm – 12am

12pm – 12am

12pm – 9pm

Daily Specials

Daiquiri Drive-Thru Menu


Long Island Daiquiris

Long Island Iced Tea

Chemical x
Long Island + Hurricane

Arnold Palmer
Long Island + Lemonade

Peach Tea
Long Island + Peach

Raspberry Tea
Long Island + Raspberry

Prime Time
Long Island + Hurricane + Blue Hawaiian

Strawberry Daiquiris

Strawberry Daiquiri

Pink Panther
Strawberry + Watermelon

Funky Munkey
Strawberry + Banana

Life is Peachy
Strawberry + Peach + Raspberry

Berry Mangalo
Strawberry + Mango

Fruity Pebbles
Strawberry + Mango + Kiwi + Watermelon

Strawberry Shortcake
Strawberry + White Russian + Cherry

Lazy Islander
Strawberry + Mango + Watermelon + Kiwi

Sour Patch Kids
Strawberry + Sex on the Beach

Margarita Gold Daiquiris

Margarita Gold

Circus Circus
Margarita Gold + Cotton Candy

Candy Land
Margarita Gold + Blue Hawaiian

Cherry Lime Aid
Margarita Gold + Cherry

Strawberry Rita
Margarita Gold + Strawberry

White Russian Daiquiris

Arctic White Russian

White Russian + Chocolate

Cookies & Cream
White Russian + Oreo Cookies

Chocolate Strawberry
White Russian + Strawberry + Chocolate

Peaches & Cream
White Russian + Peach

White Russian + Butterfingers

Cinnamon Toast
White Russian + Cinnamon Toast Crunch

Banana Split
White Russian + Strawberry + Banana + Chocolate

Buttery Nipple
White Russian + Butterscotch Schnappers

Hurricane Daiquiris


Code Red
Hurricane + Strawberry

Tropic Thunder
Hurricane + Pina Colada

Swamp Water
Hurricane + Green Apple

Pina Colada Daiquiris

Pina Colada

Blue Lagoon
Pina Colada + Blue Hawaiian

Pina Colada + Dreamsicle

Raspberry Beret
Pina Colada + Raspberry

Pina Colada + Banana

Miami Vice
Pina Colada + Strawberry + Mango + Peach

Island Daiquiris

Crazy 8s

High Octane + Sex on the Beach

Jolly Rancher
Mango + Watermelon + Green Apple


Mean Green

High Octane

Liquid MaryJane

Sex on the Beach

Mai Tai

Electric Lemonade

Seltzer, Beer & GelShots


Citrus Seltzer


Doctor’s Orders
An America IPA with an approachable bitterness

Big Wood Brown
A Brown Ale with a strong malt profile made up of flavors of nutty caramel & a subtle hint of chocolate

Afternoon Wood
An American Pale Ale with hints of citrus and pine balanced with a clean malt profile

Little Wood
A refreshing Kolsch with subtle fruitiness and a clean finish

Breakfast Stout
A wide-awake stout with a fresh-roasted java nose

Toddy Ale
Tried and true easy drinking beer



Rasta Berry

Blues Berry

Fuzzy Kwango

Sour Apple

Kinky Key Lime

Additional Items

Bottled Water


10 lb Bag of Ice

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