Ready To Drink

Serve as frozen daiquiris or on the rocks
Available in 4 Liters and 19 Liters
9% - 24% ABV depending on your license

Hypnosis - Premixed Hypnotic

Popular New Orleans Recipe

H.O. - Premixed High Octane

Popular Bourbon St. Recipe

Mean Green - Premixed Incredible Hulk

Popular Big Easy Recipe

Cat-5 Hurricane - Premixed Hurricane

Mix with Islander Iced Tea to make "Chemical X"

Pina Bahama - Premixed Pina Colada

Add our Premium Peach Mix to make it Caribbean

Voschka Lemonade - Premixed Vodka Lemonade

Mix with Islander Iced Tea to make an "Arnold Palmer"

Strawberry - Premixed Strawberry Daiquiri

Add our strawberry mix to make a "Pink Panther"

Arctic White Russian - Premixed White Russian

Add our Strawberry Mix and Chocolate Syrup to make "Chocolate Covered Strawberry"

Islander Iced Tea - Premixed Long Island Iced Tea

Add our Peach Mix to make "Peach Tea"

Toddy Rita - Premixed Margarita

Popular Bourbon St. Recipe

Base - Unflavored Frozen Daiquiri Base

Combine with our premium mixes to make Margarita, Strawberry Daiquiri, Pina Colada, Hurricane, Vodka Lemonade, and many more.

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