About Toddy Blends

Texas' Original Wine-Based Liquor Distributor

Toddy Blends is a family-owned and operated winery and distillery located in Houston, Texas. We specialize in producing liquor-flavored wines that are compatible with beer and wine licenses. This means that establishments with only a beer and wine license can now serve refreshing Margaritas, tropical Daiquiris, and infamous Hurricanes. We offer liquor-flavored Tequila, Vodka, Rum, Triple Sec, and much more….even gel shots!.

The Oak

Toddy Oaks is a great venue for events and private parties distinguished by many of its beautiful oak trees; in particular, the giant oak tree the company is named for and our outdoor bar is built around. Our bar has multiple televisions showing the latest sporting events, a Retail Shop, Stage, outdoor game areas on the lawn and a variety of excellent food trucks.

Drive Thru Daiquiri

Toddy Oaks Drive Thru Daiquiri Store offers premium frozen cocktails (and coffees in the winter). Not only can you buy individual cocktails in closed containers, but you can supply your own home party in many sizes from a few cups to a half gallon and a bucket of GelShots or bring them as gifts to other parties. The Drive Thru also offers non-alcoholic or virgin flavors as an alternative for children.

The Tasting Room

Toddy Oaks Tasting Room in our Retail shop offers you the opportunity to sample and purchase our very affordable varieties of liquor and choose your own bottles to take home for yourself or give as gifts to your friends on personalized labels that Toddy Oaks can customize for you from our distilled products on site. Make sure you sign up for our emails announcing dates and times for our different tasting events!

If you are a distributor and wish to speak to a Toddy Blends sales representative, please contact us