Toddy Oaks Daiquiri Drive Thru

Delicious Frozen Daiquiris... To-Go!

Come experience our Drive Thru Daiquiri for all of your party needs without leaving the comfort of your car (all served in closed containers, of course)! We have a full range of classic frozen daiquiris and cocktails on the rocks alongside a completely customizable menu.

With sizes from a 12oz cup to ½ gallon jug, we also offer individual Gelshots, Gelshot buckets, and Devil’s Fire Cinnamon Whiskey.

Non-alcoholic choices are also available. 

Open 7 Days a Week

Monday - Thursday 12pm – 10pm

Friday 12pm – 12am

Saturday 12pm – 12am

Sunday 12pm - 10pm

Be sure to ask about extra shots on all of our daiquiris